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We at ZIA CONCRETE SERVICES, offer full service solutions, when it comes to your next residential or commercial concrete project. If you are looking for finishing and placement, our highly skilled crew will ensure we meet your flatwork specifications down to the last detail.

In addition, our Volumetric Concrete Mixers can deliver all aggregates to the job site, which are housed in compartments within our mobile mixing trucks. When it’s time to pour, the truck’s controls automatically measure the ingredients by volume and precisely batch the concrete specified by your project – quality, quantity delivered to your door. Our Volumetric Concrete Mixers allow for fully customized concrete mix designs that are mixed on-site, resulting in freshly-batched concrete, without waste, for a perfect pour every time.

4 Advantages of On-Site Mixed Concrete

#1) Always Fresh Concrete For Your Jobsite.

The on-site concrete mixer means that the concrete you need will always be fresh when you need it, regardless of its intended application. A mobile mixer can be used for common applications including flowable fill, rapid setting concrete, pervious concrete, and wet and dry shotcrete.

#2) Cost-Effective.

You pay only for the concrete you use.

No minimum orders, no over-ordering, no hot loads. You can save hundreds per load.

#3) Environmentally Friendly.

Being able to mix the exact amount you need when you need it reduces the amount of concrete waste produced. This protects our environment and leads to cost savings since waste requires proper disposal.

#4) Flexible Concrete Delivery.

Colors, admixtures, and water can be modified to each concrete batch without ever needing to worry if the concrete is too hot or over mixed. Available products in our trucks include sand, unshrinkable fill (ufill), controlled density backfill, and medium and high strength concrete. Fiber and air additives and custom mix ratios are available upon request.


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